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πŸ“° "Google has mapped a piece of human brain in the most detail ever" - NewScientist

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The team also found mysterious pairs of neurons deep in the cortex that hadn’t been observed before. β€œThe two cells pointed in exactly the opposite direction on the same axis,” says Lichtman. Nobody knows why.

I have a feeling this might be related to how 🧩 Analogies or Projections may work.

Normally, when a tendril from one neuron passed close to another, it would form just one synapse, or more rarely two to four. But there were also some tendrils that formed up to 20 synapses onto one target neuron, meaning this tendril by itself would probably be able to trigger that neuron to fire.

This seems to be a way to reinforce the weight as they write in this article. But it may also be more complex than that since dendrites can be more computationally complex as mentioned in πŸ“° "Hidden Computational Power Found in the Arms of Neurons" - Quanta Magazine.