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๐ŸŽฅ "Cell Intelligence in Physiological & Morphological Spaces" by Michael Levin

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLiHLDrOTW8

Here's a definition of intelligence by William James:

"Intelligence is the ability to reach the same goal by different means"

I would extend this and say:

"Intelligence is the ability to reach the same goal by different means and computational limitations."

I'm pretty sure there is more into this definition.

Michael Levin words:

  • Get to the same outcome
    • despite perturbations (external and internal)
    • via different paths (in morphospace, for example)
    • from diverse starting positions
  • Error minimization machines

Multi-scale intelligence, or multi-space intelligence fully depends on the concept of small programs.

Geometric shapes are data structures for complexity in space

Idea: A good problem to solve is figuring out how to set goals in specific spaces. Like in morphospace, the goal is to build a specific geometry of a physiological body. It's an invariant goal, similar to my old idea of a pure truth of markdown.

Paper to read: Morphological Coordination: A common ancestral function unifying neural and non-neural signaling

What evolution does is behaviour shaping, it's figuring out signals to get agential material to do whatever you want.