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This document is like a TODO list and small brain-dump space. For a major vision, visit the πŸ—Ί Roadmap document.

Current Priorities

Regarding Obscure and UX

  • Create a user journey of your work so people can navigate it
    • Create a landing page with recent changes
    • Some type of guide system
  • Improve Obscure so that it covers most features in its todo list.

Brain dumps go here. If nothing is below this text it means whatever was written here got trashed or evolved into a document.

I guess that the difference between real cortical columns and my ego cells/grid cells is the fact that my cells have the purpose of mirroring the attributes of their world that I care about.

Essentially a brain is diveded in three parts:

  1. A model maker (cortical columns)

    • Permance through time indicate agents or isolated elements
    • The cells need to be able to compare observed raw data through time.
      • Interaction with the world helps to gain more input that reinforces such.
  2. An attention system (emotions, etc)

    • What motives the cells to do what they need to do?
    • What behavior do we want to elicit?
  3. A hardware control system (body regulations, etc)

    • How does the system maintain itself alive and capable?
    • In the world, time kills you, there is not infinite energy.

Which attributes about the world are important for us?

  • Depends on the use case, is it for a video game, an assistant?

I think that making it for a video game might be a very good first step.

I need to update my documentation about cognitive mechanisms but it would make more sense to update them after doing more experiments.

What's the best way of compressing spatial information such as that of Kinopio where there are nodes, annotations and space? I'm thinking something like a hex grid lattice would allow this easier than a box one.