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It might be a better idea to organize words around senses and anything related to the animal inherent experiences.

This list of words should only contain concepts that have a direct experiential relationship with the world.

For example, the word "Jump" refers to the action of jumping that a human may do with their body. This word does not depend on any other abstract concept rather then the experience of jumping.

You can create a pull request adding words and their descriptions.

How many words does a child need to communicate in order to survive? How many does an adult need?

  • What does a baby need to survive?

  • What does a kid need to survive?

  • What does an adult need to survive?

  • What do they need to communicate to survive?

The thing is, our human experience is so complex, vast and detailed that arriving to essentially a digital clone would be a task with a duration of multiple lifetimes. A generational project.

Let's look at the essential words. Here's an example: https://www.smart-words.org/500-most-commonly-used-english-words.html