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πŸ“ Human Simulations

This topic represents a crucial component in my goal of creating an AGI capable of communicating effectively with us in order to collaborate.

I say simulations because our wording comes from our world: Pet, dog, house, key, jump, play, search, get, help, send, open, etc. All of these words are linked directly or indirecly to human experiences i.e. the experience of sending something or the experience of perceiving a dog.

These experiences don't necessarily need to be the same for them as they are for us. "Eating" can be a simple action, "puting" or "removing" can also be simple actions. "Animals" can be associated with something similar in their world.

It's about studying what we humans communicate about and see which are trully essential β€” find which experiences can function as the base to represent all experiences we humans could have without having to go into detail. In other words, the primitives of perceptual human experience.

What are the primitives of perceptual human experience in modern society?

  • Probably all those which are relevant to our bodies such as eating, sleeping, playing, etc. "The Sims" is a good example to look at for some initial inspiration.