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It's not the same as 🧩 Attention. Focusing is the act of fixating into a single point and orienting thoughts or contexts around it.

I imagine this to be like an area for activation. 🧩 Attention would be the agent that places focus into an area giving it "focus". When you focus onto some thought or thing in front of you, things around it blur as they appear away from the fixating point of focus.

Of course, there's gotta be more to this system.

Fast vs Slow Thinking

In πŸ“Ž Analyzing the true essense of markdown, I arrived to the processes of slow thinking (where things are slowly parsed) and fast thinking (when things are observed on a compressed top-down view as shown in the clip note mentioned).

This seems to be a performance or resource optimization of 🧩 Motivation and 🧩 Attention.