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🧩 Attention

Notes from meditation session

I was in a meditation session and visualized attention as an entity whose constantly called by different things, for example, thoughts and sensations. I also saw how there is 🧩 Focus which is what happens when something (someone) in the space of awareness gets β€œattention” to pay attention.

I imagined little raised hands, little people each representing a thought, idea, sensation, sound, etc.

What is it that controls attention?

Possible implementation - Screens idea

This relates to πŸ’‘ Embodiement, 🧩 Spatiotemporal or Network or Social Awareness as it might point to the πŸ“ Technical Implementation.

When thinking about the emulation of attention, I thought of the idea of an AMI having multiple β€œscreens” where different information appears.

For example, a screen for showing β€œothers”, a screen for showing text in a conversation, a screen for objects near the "hands", etc.

This makes it easier in comparison with trying to emulate a two-dimensional world with a model of our 3D view.