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πŸ’‘ Presence

Consider the following scenario:

All your senses are gone except for one. You're only left with the ability to feel the presence of other beings out there.

How is this posible?

Actually, senses are not divided. Presence, with capital "P", is the experience of being aware of all incoming bodily sensations produced by our different sensorial inputs.

These sensorial inputs just sum up to Experience.

So, what is sensing? what is the ultimate goal of sensing?

How do you build a world from scratch?

The outer world does not exist. It just Exists.

What if the single fundamental truth of a reality is that there are two which are the same?

Two beings: This and the other. The observer and the observed.

And that it's a mirror.

How would you recognize presence outside with minimal senses or a single bit of input?

Unpredictability could be a factor.

If there is unpredictability it means that there is predictability.

This means that there is an expectation. Or at least the expectation that there will be expectations (or so called patterns).

How does one build such a program?

A program that's able to expect predictability and recognize unpredictability?