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πŸ’‘ Developmental Training

In order to achieve a human-like level of communication about the world between artificial beings and humans we need to teach these beings manually in a similar process as we do with infants. Given a digital world where our experiences overlap, our role as creators of that world is also to teach them about that world through πŸ’‘ Divine Intervention using πŸ’‘ Analogue Controls.

Ideas about automating training

I have to say though, that this developmental training could be in part automated given we have full control of their environment and universe in general. We can also use existing AI tools to automate this process further by automating the process of creating some kind of training environments in which these artificial beings will learn about their world.

Cognitive Architecture Design

What πŸ“ Cognitive Mechanisms are needed for an artificial being to be able to be taught by another being? One such mechanism is 🧩 Mirror neurons which would allow for a quick way of trying to replicate the actions of another being. Now this is only one small part. I have a hunch that there is another big concept missing, maybe similar to neural net weights, that would dictate how much of some type of "artificial hormone system" hormones flow and with which direction.

Developmental Stages

I remember that on The Presence Process by Michael Brown he expains that our development as human beings goes through the following stages:

  1. Learn how to feel and express
  2. Learn how to move
  3. Learn how to speak and do
  4. Learn how to act around others
  5. Learn who to be

I might be wrong with my interpretation or might remember this incorrectly but these make sense as stages of emotional maturity.

But I need to read more about developmental psychology. Since it seems that human developmental stages are dividing into fields or theories.