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πŸ—Ί Roadmap

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This document fluctuates in the details quite often, but it's purpose is to serve me as a checkpoint tracker.

Long-term vision (5-10 years)

  • Alpha versions of world building tools
  • Alpha versions of cognitive architecture tools
  • CogArch, Mind Studio

Mid-term vision (2-5 years)

  • Video game based on my engines
  • Solid primitives for my engines
  • Gain true fans / Auto-sustainable project

Short-term vision (1-2 years)

  • Start recording progress and create devlogs or offline-streams
  • Simple world simulations (brain dump doc)
  • Connect world to brains (server to CogArch emulator) and perform experiments
  • Create experiments per word in β€œwords for analyzing”
  • Focus on use cases and the words that emerge from those fake conversations. It’s those words that will gain priority when creating experiments to test those concepts.

How can I make a living?

I like the true fans option better. I see that as a more tangible one that gets a better result in the end. It’s also a patience play.

The only problem is time, but that’s actually not a big big problem.

How can I add value to others?

Selling pre-trained brains for video games seems like the best first use-case for actually making money.

  • based on genre
  • language
  • etc

Selling pre-trained brains for tools is the longer-term option.

  • Amos / WonderOS

I don’t really want to build software tools in order to make money (IDEs, text editors, etc). I would love to already have them within the environment I like.

I would like to work on them, but not for money. Maybe just customize them (?) What I mean is I don’t want to code those tools in a traditional sense β€” it would have to be with the new itemized paradigm.

Having said this, I think I would prefer to make money by selling the trained brains. This is a long-long term goal. I would first need to make a living just by supporters and not by selling a product or service.

Amos is secondary

I really want to commit to the development of digital cognition tools. My OS research and tool development is secondary, but it will eventually merge with my digital cognition tools.